apt-get upgrade

The fellows are what I did(including the reason and result. :(

#make install

But, it’s the beginning of my nightmare.

My Goagent didn’t work.

When I run python, it told me that I should install python-gevent and python-gtk2. But these two packages ware installed before! I can use it minutes ago! I didn’t study python before and I was puzzled. At first I think it’s the python3.4 because python2 and python3 are different(of cause not the name). So I install python2.7.8—-no use. After a long time surfing the Internet to find a solution.I thought it might be the environment. Python2 and Python3 confused their environment and can not find the packages belong to them. But when I tried to remove python3, the computer told me that the softwares rely on python will also be removed.(Almost all of my software!!) WTF! Why does it so complicated! I give up this way.

And I tried to correct the environment.

The user’s environment are located in

/home/their name/.bashrc

file. You can change your software environment by just adding some words at the end of the file. For example, if you want to change the python path, you can add


and then the python will find its packages in


(WARING it’s just an example, do not do this in your “.bashrc” file) When I added some path to PYTHONPATH, it works a little….But also has some errors. It drives me crazy!

And I decided to reinstall my Ubuntu system. Back up the data, make a install U-disk and reinstall.

WTF!My tools and environment! I have to reinstall them too!!!!

No zuo, No die, Why I try!!!!

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