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About me ##

About me

Hi, I am wrfly, also you can call me Jeff.I’m a linux fan and a script kiddie.

Welcome to my blogspot, here, I will write something to write down some of my solved problems and I will share codes that are beautiful and useful as well.

I used to write something on blogger but I found it difficult to let others know U or see what U shared. Because I AM IN CHINA.

So, I’m here and shared what I have learned and I want to contribute something to others just like what I got from others.

I will write both in English and Chinese, so , if U R a Chinese and U will understand what I said as well.

For another reason I make this blog, I want to improve my English. Also I want to make some friends who come from different countries but have hobbies or interests in common.

Okey, that’s my brief ABOUT.

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